Good morning. Its been an interesting few days here at the Kohler homestead. We have had illness, birthday celebrations, doctors appointments, guinea pig near mishaps, and of course lots of knitting. Saturday Gryphon had his 2nd birthday party of the year, I guess when you are seven you need two. The first was his party with my family, we went to chucky cheese and had a wonderful (read: fun for the kids, hell for the adults) time.  Gryphon had a blast and even got a guiena pig as his large gift (more on her later). He also had a birthday party thrown for him by my ex’s family. They are wonderful people and I am glad we did it but it’s still always a little awkward. I think after the last party Gryphon’s “birthday season” is over, now we can move on to Thankschristmas (since the two have been merged this year). Sunday I was feeling under the weather, bad news for the obvious reasons, good news because I got a ton of knitting finished ( I will show it too you later. ) We spent the day at the doctor’s office yesterday, Gryphon may be ADHD, which makes me very sad. We had to fill out some evaluation forms and so did his teachers and will await the results. If any of you out there have children with ADHD or know about it, I would love some feed back.  Lets move back to happier things, on to the knitting.


I only have one actual FO. Another dish cloth to go with the set I am making the neighbors. It’s the Pinwheel Dishcloth. I am not thrilled with it, the fourth triangle was fiddly to get on and after spending over an hour on it I decided it is just a dishcloth and it was ok if it was not perfect.  


I still have waaaaayyyyy to many things on the needles, but have made some progress. The first is I finished one of my pedi socks.  These are fun little half socks without toes that you can use when you get a pedi. I love them. Sorry for the picture I am in NEED of a pedi, so I am not going to show them to you on my feet but you get the idea. The loop on the toe goes through your toes like a flip flop and helps them stay in place.  

The other wip I have been working on are just some plain ol’ socks for my brother in-laws christmas. I have been calling them the Pete socks.

I think this post is getting a little wordy. So I will blog the rest of the content I had planned tomorrow…. Stay Tuned